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Unmatched diagnostics, swift turnaround time and extraordinary customer service.

Bridge Dermatopathology Services PLLC, founded by Mark Jacobson, M.D. and Paul Chu, M.D. is a physician-owned practice that specializes in the field of dermatopathology.


Our mission is to provide pathologic diagnoses with accuracy, specificity and efficiency, utilizing our skill, expertise and experience to build a bridge of knowledge between us, our referring physicians and their patients.

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Committed to pathology with precision and fiscal prudence

Bridge Dermpath Laboratory

Our Pathologists

Drs. Paul Chu and Mark Jacobson have collectively diagnosed over 3 million skin biopsies, where less than 2% of cases require special stains and immunohistochemical studies, while ensuring 90% of reports are delivered to referring clinicians within 24 to 48 hours.


Through utilizing scientific advances, together with extensive experience and skill, our dermatopathologists deliver unmatched diagnostics – providing precise reports to enhance every patient’s dermatological need.

Routine Interpretation

Results for most routine biopsy specimens are available within 24-36 hours.


We perform direct immunofluorescence on-site, and results are available within 24-36 hours.

Special Stains

Results for specimens requiring special stains usually available within 48 hours.


Our pathologists use of immunohistochemical stains is selective and appropriate. Interpretation is available within 48 hours.

Molecular Testing

Available when necessary as an outsourced test to the appropriate best-in-class facility.

Consultation Services

Our highly skilled and vastly experienced dermatopathologists provide expert consultations on challenging cases at a reasonable rate.

Educational programs

Fellowship and Residency

A hands-on approach to excellence

Dermatology Residency Teaching and Dermatopathology Fellowship Training
Bridge Dermpath - Dermatology Residency and Dermatopathology Fellowship Training


Affiliated to several well-known academic and medical institutions in the United States, Bridge Dermpath is committed to the advancement and cultivation of Dermatology, Pathology and Dermatopathology.


Drs. Chu and Jacobson pride themselves in providing students with both practical clinical and research skills development through their teaching of Dermatopathology fellows, and Dermatology and Pathology residents.

30 + Years of Teaching
1000 + Dermatology and Pathology residents
50 + Number of Fellows
5 + Number of Educational Programs

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As a clinician-centric, patient-centric laboratory, our dermatopathologists provide:

Concise, decisive and practical diagnoses

Limited and appropriate use of special testing

Less than 2% of cases require special stains and immunohistochemical studies

Accurate diagnosis without exhausting healthcare dollars